To mark the Haryana Swarn Jayanti Celebrations, SPICMACAY in Collaboration with Haryana Government will be organising 262 programmes in all the districts of Haryana promoting Indian Classical Dance, Classical Music , Classical Vocal , Folk Theatre of different states of our country under to enhance Indian heritage and culture .
SPICMACAY Panchkula organised two programs of Classical Concert of Odissi dance by Padam Shree Guru Geeta Mahalik Ji on 14th February and 15th February 2017. As SPICMACAY always tries to reach to the maximum students to fulfil its vision 2020, the new institutions are being involved, introduced and enlightened towards our rich Indian culture. These programs were organised under the series of Haryana Swarn Jayanti celebrations.
The programmes began with the welcome of the eminent artist Padam Shree Guru Geeta Mahalik Ji. Padam Shree Guru Geeta Mahalik ji started the concerts by enhancing the students’ knowledge and telling them about various dance forms of different states of India. She explained them the importance of each and every dance form . She further told them that Odissi is a dance form from Odissa and can be performed by both males and females. Earlier it was performed in the temples but gradually it started spreading all over the country. It is started by performing on a shloka to give respect to Lord Jaganath. She explained the students about all the instruments used by the artists those were the harmonium, pakhawaj and flute.
She performed on the Shloka of Lord Jaganath Manglacharanam and did pranam to the Bhumi, the God, the Guru and the Audience. She performed Mukhari Palvi by using different postures, and mudras. The song on which she performed was not having any meaning or any story so, there were no expressions on her face. She used different eye and hand movements. After the performance she told how to show various Gods like Lord Krishna standing with a flute and Lord Rama with a bow.She explained different Bhavs to the students and performed Krishna Leela by using the Hastak Bhav.
SPIC MACAY Panchkula Chapter is always focusing on sensitizing the young generation about our rich culture. The Chairperson Dr.(Mrs) Shashi Banerjee has been a great inspiration to all the volunteers of the chapter. The volunteers did all the arrangements on the stage. They involved themselves by anchoring the show, helping the artists at the back stage and encouraging other students to work selflessly. Thus, the tree SPIC MACAY gets it’s nourishment in form of guidance, encouragement and nurturing it onto each leaf of the tree. The program ended with the vote of thanks to the coordinators of Haryana Swarn Jayanti Celebrations and SPICMACAY.